Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

To understand how removal of tattoo works, it is always best to understand how tattoos stay in the skin as this is often something which isn’t common knowledge. Tattoos stay in the skin due to the method of application and also the components used to make the tattoo ink which when combined in such way make a permanent mark.

When you are tattooed your body will automatically send your immune system to attack the new ink in an attempt to remove it. Upon realising the ink cannot be removed, it is then encased in collagen which effectively makes the ink safe and unable to further enter the body or the bloodstream. Every so often your immune system will attempt to attach the tattoo which is why you see it fade and spread over the years.

The laser sends short bursts of energy into the ink pigments of the tattoo and breaks up the particles and the ink, enabling your immune system to safely and naturally remove the ink through your lymphatic system.

Completed Treatments

After 1 Treatment

After 2 Treatment


The laser energy travels through the layers of skin then is absorbed by the tattoo ink, vibrates, heats then shatters into smaller particles making it readily available for your immune system to carry it away and dispose of it naturally.

As used by dermatologists worldwide Advance Laser uses a cryocooler which chills the skin thus minimising sensation = less to no pain experienced.

Everyone asks this questions and I’m afraid there is no direct answer because everyone’s tattoo as well as there body/immune system is different so it varies from person to person. Indian ink comes off the easiest, then amateur tattoos. Professionals tattoos contain more ink in general and can be from 6 treatments upwards.

Red/yellow & orange is the most difficult to remove, however, watch this space for new laser wavelength coming which will tackle these colours.

Tattoos can be readily lightened to allow a cover up.  Depending on you original tattoo and what your new tattoo will look like will determine the amount of treatments required. Check with your tattooist to see what they would prefer too!

Can i go back to work after my session?

Are there any conditions which might prevent a treatment?

What about sun exposure?

Does it scar?

Cancellation Policy

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Absolutely! There is no reason why you cannot have a treatment during your lunch break.


Yes, we cannot treat you if you are pregnant or have had cancer.  This also applies if,  in the area to be treated, you have dermatitis, psoriasis or porphyria.

You need to be careful about sun exposure during treatment. The laser can remove some of your skins natural melanin production which makes the area more susceptible to sun damage. If the area is to be exposed to the sun you must apply a high sun factor (50 or sun block) to protect the area.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and YOU need to look after it. Keep the skin intact and hydrated so moisturise, moisturise, moisturise (and don’t pick!)

A minimum 24 hours notice must be given to cancel or reschedule otherwise a £25 booking fee will be charged to rebook future appointments.

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